windshields for Harley Davidson FLHT fairings offer all the benefits of our two piece design. Plus, they are wider than stock and feature unique air-management extensions; "Shoulder-Wings" dramatically increase the width of your calm-air pocket and stop buffeting at your shoulders. Shoulder-Wings are seamlessly formed as part of our base shields and gracefully follow the trailing edge of the fairing.

Hard-Coated for Durability

Windbenders for Harley Davidson are Hard-Coated for excellent optical clarity and water shedding capabilities. Hard-Coating improves visibility and reduces cleanup time. Our Hard-Coating will enable you to clean your windshield with a paper towel or a gas station squeegee. Heck, scrub the bugs off with fine steel wool if you choose. Although our Hard-Coating is Extremely Scratch Resistant it is not “Scratch Proof”. Please see our Care and Warranty pages for details.

Sizes for Every Rider

All but our tallest ST shields are available in three colors: clear, bronze or dark smoke. Windbender kits come with matching base and top shield tints. You can mix colors by ordering a base and top shield separately. Windbender Kits come with all the parts you need to start riding more comfortably, except the hardware that is already on your bike. Windbenders are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate virtually any rider/passenger/condition combination. Measure your line-of-sight and use our experiential recommendations to choose the correct Top-Shield Size.

Top Shield Fits Base Min Height Max Height Range
ST05W BW3 5.0" 8.0" 3.0" *
ST08W BW5 8.0" 12.0" 4.0"
ST11W BW5 11.0" 15.0" 4.0"
ST14W BW5 14.0" 18.0" 4.0"
HP8W BW3 8.0" 11.0" 3.0" *
HP10W BW5 10.0" 14.0" 4.0"
HP12W BW5 12.0" 16.0" 4.0"

* 2.0" electric adjustment

One-Piece Hard-Coated Shields

We make one piece non-adjustable, hard-coated shields with “Shoulder Wings”; the W-Series, for riders bothered by shoulder buffeting. W-Series are wider and offer better protection than a stock shield while enhancing the appearance of your motorcycle. Size available in 2” increments from 6” to 14”.

Model Number Shield Height Shield Width
W06 6.0" _" *
WS-8 8.0" _" *
WS-10 10.0" _" *
WS-12 12.0" _" *
WS-14 14.0" _" *

* plus width of shoulder wings

Currently, Windbenders are designed for 1996-2013 model years. Check back for new products and projects.