Windbender Adjustable Motorcycle Windshields

This shelf provides a generously sized, solid platform to mount your gadgets where you need them. A two-plane mounting system virtually eliminates bounce. Twelve gauge powder-coated steel makes for easy drilling and will give you a lifetime of service.

Two Sizes

Most popular with Long Distance and Touring Riders, our full size Farkle Shelf is almost 23" wide and over 6" deep. For riders with fewer farkles we make the “Mini”. The Farkle Shelf Mini is just as deep, but only 12" wide on the rider side. The mini is a perfect place for your GPS, radar detector and other small items.

A Farkle Shelf is "bounce free" when it and gadgets are mounted properly. Heavier gadgets mounted beyond the back edge of the shelf can act as a lever and cause the shelf and windshield to bounce on rough roads..

Farkle Shelf kits ship complete with stainless mounting hardware, rubber cushions to protect your windshield, and easy to follow instructions. Your windshield does not have to be removed for installation. Farkle Shelves can be shipped pre-installed or you can order a Windbender with pre-drilled mounting holes.


Our Farkle Shelf is specifically designed to fit the radius of a Honda GL1800 Windbender Base Shield or stock windshield. Creativity will be required to mount one on a different motorcycle or on a windshield with a vent.