We offer a unique trial program because

You won’t Believe It until You Ride It!

Riding with a Windbender Adjustable Motorcycle Windshield

Windbender windshields are wonderful, but we don’t expect you to believe how well they work until you ride behind one. Of course, you can see what Our Customers have to say, read forum posts, and talk to friends. None of that is a substitute for personal experience, so buy a Windbender and take it for a test-ride! We are so confident that you will like it that if you don’t, you can ship it back.

Mount a Windbender and go for a ride. Try it in the lowest position at moderate speeds on your favorite twisty roads and in frequently visited congested areas. You will be treated with clear, unobstructed, visibility and an improved ability to identify hazards and pinpoint apexes. Raise your shield and increase your speed. Move your hand around your helmet to feel the size of the calm-air pocket and adjust your shield accordingly. You will appreciate the increased comfort and reduced wind noise. Get feedback from your passenger. Let them feel the size of the air pocket and adjust your shield for them.

Our experience and your line of sight measurement usually get you the right shield, the first time. However, aerodynamics are sensitive to a wide variety of variables, every rider/passenger has personal preferences. If your choice of top-shield does not provide the combination of comfort and visibility you measured for, you can exchange it.

If you don’t find that your Windbender is a valuable investment in your ride quality, send it back. Please read our return and exchange Policies