Care is easy.

Our Hard-Coated shields require no special care. Clean with soap and water or your favorite ammonia-free cleaner. You can scrape bugs, tar, and thick goo off your shield with a plastic scraper. Our Hard-Coating will even withstand scrubbing with fine steel wool. We cannot absolutely guarantee against scratches and warn that using abrasives with excessive force and contact with sharp objects can be detrimental to the finish. We recommend checking your squeegee or cleaning cloth for trapped sand, rocks or other sharp objects before use. Test your scrubbing method on a small, obscure spot.

Uncoated Windbenders are made from the hardest cell-cast acrylic available. They don't scratch easily, but care should be taken when cleaning. Clean with soap and water or any cleaner designed for plastic and a clean soft cloth. Top shield removal is easy, so you can detail gap-facing shield surfaces too.

Do not use ammonia-based cleaners

Occasionally clean the adjustment rail dovetails. You can lubricate the sliding surfaces, if you choose, with wax, silicone spray, or other lubricant that will not dry out or collect and trap debris.

Scratches on uncoated acrylic can generally be polished out following these steps, with or without the electric motor:

Meguiars #17 and PlastX
  1. Clean your shield as described above.
  2. Put a buffing wheel or foam pad polisher in your drill motor. Sprinkle a drop or two of Meguiar's #17 plastic cleaner, or PlastX, on the scratch and polish it with the drill motor at high speed.
  3. If the Meguiar's #17 didn't do it, you can try Meguiar's #10. Then, use Meguiar's #17.
  4. Polish didn't do it? Use a piece of wet 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and see if you can smooth out the scratch or ding. The surface will be completely milky where you sanded. Follow Step 2 and your windshield will as good as new.
  5. If 2000 grit sandpaper didn't get the scratch or ding out, work with coarser grits until mark is gone, sand the scratch out then repeat with finer and finer paper until you reach step 4.
  6. Worth considering is the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System #39008.