model choice is simple. Order an HP if you want to look over your shield all the time. Order an ST if you might want to look through your shield. or if your passenger sits on the bike more than a few inches taller than you. Choosing a size requires more thought and a measurement.

Choose a Size based on Your Line-of-Sight

Your choice of top-shield size should be based on your line-of-sight and what you want to achieve. First, get your measurement.

With your bike on the side stand and a piece of tape in your hand, sit in your slumped, I’ve been riding all day position. Stand the bike up and look straight forward, parallel with the ground. Put that piece of tape on your windshield where that line meets the shield. If your existing shield is too short to mark with tape, use a yard stick or such attached to the front of it. Remove yourself from the bike and measure the distance along the front of your windshield; from the top of the fairing flange, or windshield garnish gasket, to the piece of tape that marks your line-of-sight.

Choose a Windbender Adjustable Motorcycle Windshield by Measuring your Line-of-Sight

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Windbender model numbers are the height of the shield in its lowest position, measured, in inches, to the top edge of the top shield from the top of the Harley windshield flange or the top of the windshield garnish gasket on a Honda.

If you order an ST, you will enjoy the most versatility if it can be two or three inches below your line-of-sight in its lowest position. Then if you raise it to look through it, you’ll be able to get the edge of the shield above your line of-sight to eliminate that distraction. If you have a very tall passenger, you may want to order an ST that can be raised to five or six inches below the top of their helmet. Of course, you can order an ST that is four or five inches below your eyes and look over it all the time.

If you order an HP, it is IMPORTANT that it is at least four inches shorter than your line-of-sight measurement. Six inches less than your measurement will give even better visibility and an opportunity to get a mild breeze on your forehead.

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