Windbender Adjustable Motorcycle Windshields in Harley Davidson and Honda Touring Bikes

adjustable Motorcycle Windshields are available in two styles and multiple sizes to fit individual preferences and maximize rider/passenger comfort.

Look-Over, Full-Time

 HP  models have a re-curved top edge and are designed to look over all the time. Air is lifted up to 12" above the shield. An HP will need to be about 6" below your eyes, at speed, before you can get enough of a breeze to clear rain from a waxed face-shield.

Look-Through, Part-Time

 ST  models have straight, flat tops that can be comfortably looked through. Air is lifted about 7" above the shield top at speed. Even 100 mph is smooth with the shield set an inch or two below your line of sight. The top edge of these shields needs to be about 3.5" below your eyes to get a breeze on your face-shield. A straight top shield may be a good option if you have a passenger who sits more than a few inches taller than you on the bike.

Adjust with Ease!

Molded adjustment rails and spring loaded locating pins

Four inches of vertical Windbender adjustment is easily accomplished with two spring loaded retaining pins mounted in molded nylon rails. Our two shortest Harley Davidson windshields have three inches of manual adjustment. Stock adjustment is retained on Honda Goldwings. Electric adjustment and top-shield angle adjustment are easily added Options

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