windshields make your riding more comfortable and safer.

Adjust Height for Changing Conditions

Windbender Adjustable Motorcycle Windshield on Blue GL1800 Goldwing

Quickly making vertical adjust­ments is easy. You can set your shield at the optimal height for any condition. Improve your ability to identify hazards by keeping your Windbender as low as comfortably possible. Raise it for extended riding at higher speeds. Best visibility at touring speeds is obtained with your Windbender set only high enough so air flows comfortably over your head. Conversely, it’s nice to be able to set your shield low enough to feel some air when speeds are slow or when the scenery is outstanding.

The Best Ride in the Rain You’ll Ever Have!

We like to size top shields so they can be set low enough to allow a light breeze at forehead level. This will be nice when you want a little cool air and when riding in the rain. Keeping a coat of paste-wax on your face shield will cause rain to bead-up and run off with a light breeze. Your HP will need to be at least 6" below your line-of-sight and any ST will need to be almost 4" below your line-of-sight for this to be effective. Windbender windshields increase safety with better visibility, but to keep you safe we have . . .

Two Safety Warnings

Windbender Adjustable Motorcycle Windshields

Eye Protection is Strongly Recommended!

Even though it's entirely possible to experience very calm conditions while looking over the top of a Windbender, small heavy objects like gravel or hard shell bugs can penetrate the laminar wind layer and cause eye injury.

Attempting to Adjust Your Top-Shield While Riding is NOT Recommended!

You may feel capable, but if the top shield slips out of your hand you could lose control of your motorcycle or do damage to another vehicle or person. If you want to move your shield while underway, consider our electric option. Top-shields look really neat when they're flying forty feet in the air. Not so much when they hit the ground or an innocent bystander.

Likewise, make sure your top shield is secured with its hardware before riding.