Electric Option can be added to any Windbender with minimal disassembly of your motorcycle. Tool-less top shield removal is maintained for easy maintenance.

Designed for Convenience - Engineered for Life

planetary gears

Four inches of electric adjustment let you put your shield where it works best for you and the conditions you're in, at any speed. Our actuator draws less than one amp, so you can connect it to a switched accessory circuit without the use of relays or extra fuses. Actuator movement is 18mm per second (four inches in 5.5 seconds) with 20 lbs. of force. An IP54 rating assures they are waterproof to spray from all angles. Built-in limit switches and over temperature protection along with the use of planetary gears give these little motors the potential to outlive your motorcycle.

After riding with electric adjustment, you won't want to ride without it.