Auxiliary Fuel Cell Mounting

Mounting Takes Just Minutes

QuickTank - GL1800 Auxiliary Fuel Cell - Mounting Clamp

Before you install your QuickTank! cut a piece of closed cell foam to protect the seat. Make it large enough so it won’t suck under the tank and let the tank to rub on the seat.

Download Seat Pad Template

Initial QuickTank! fit is tight by design. You may need help holding the tank down and the clamps closed. Over time, the seat and clamp pads will take a set and installation will be a breeze.

Open the mounting clamps and place your QuickTank! on the seat. Check that the rubber clamp-pads are in place. Push the tank back into the seat cushion below the passenger backrest until the mounting clamps center on the passenger handles.

Close the clamps around the seat handles and install the stainless-steel bolts and washers from the bottom. Installing the bolts in from the top is tempting but will make lifting the bike onto the center-stand more difficult.

Place washers over the bolts and start the lock-nuts. Press the tank down and back firmly as you tighten the bolts.

Do Not over tighten the bolts or you risk bending the mounting brackets. The bolts only need to be tight enough to keep the tank from sliding. The clamp pads will compress over time, so periodically check the mounting bolts. If the bolts are not rattling in the brackets they are probably tight enough.