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Windbender Motorcycle Windshields for Honda Goldwing GL1800, F6B, GL1500 and Harley Davidson FLH offer Unsurpassed Wind Protection, Clear Visibility, Wide Adjustment Range, and "No-Tools" Interchangeability!

Originally developed for the Honda GL1500 Goldwing, our Windbender windshields provide the highest visibility with unsurpassed wind protection and our top shields will come off for cleaning or exchanging without tools! They are currently available for the Honda GL1800, F6B and GL1500.

All of the top shields we offer for the GL1800 are available for the F6B and can be interchanged between the two motorcycles . . . without tools . . . in both manual and electric adjust modes. The HP and ST line-of-sight sizing instructions apply to all Windbender models for all of the motorcycles we offer shields for. Scroll down for color samples and options.

What makes the Windbender different? A typical windshield configuration as it comes from the factory and like many after-market shapes available, by nature, create a low pressure area directly behind the windshield. The wind buffeting on the helmet and shoulders felt by the rider and co-rider is the effect of the air flow collapsing before it has a chance to get very far past the trailing edge of the windshield. If the windshield is big enough, the rider may find some calm air, but it would be unusual for the co-rider to avoid the turbulent airflow unless the shield is very large and very tall. In addition to buffeting, other problems are created: reduced clarity from looking through another layer of plastic is just one, bumping your head on a tall shield when mounting the motorcycle is another. By making the Windbender a two piece windshield assembly, air coming up the back side of the windshield reduces the low pressure area typically found in the standard configuration. This allows the air behind the shield to be more stable and to hold its flow profile longer and higher, allowing a more comfortable, and safer environment for both the rider and co-rider. In addition to this benefit, motorcycling is back to its pure form; not hiding behind a windshield. Watch our Video.

While our current video does an excellent job of describing how the Windbender Laminar Air Flow stops air from collapsing behind the windshield, it does not describe how substantial the flow of air between the shields is. That substantial airflow is what allows air, light rain and light debris to be carried over the top of the rider and co-rider even with the top edge of the shield set well below the riders line-of-sight. Obviously, when it's raining hard, you are going to get wet, but water is not carried up through the gap between the Windbender shields to hit you in the face. In fact, most light rain will be carried over your head. For riding in hard rain, we like to size our shields so they can be lowered enough to get a breeze in our face to clear our face-shields without having to stand or lean off to the side and beating us in the face with a huge blast of air. This creates for much safer, more comfortable, less stressful riding by allowing us to concentrate on the hazards we face rather than moving around on the bike or smearing our face-shield with a glove. For more details read Rain Riding below.

Windbender HP and Windbender ST are our state of the art, high performance, luxury windshields. They have been designed by Firecreek Accessories engineers using our finest aerodynamic programs and testing techniques. This windshield delivers more than you could ever dream of - a bubble of luxurious air.

The Windbender Windshield was originally designed after the owner got caught in a rainstorm and could not lower the shield he had on his motorcycle. Trying to see through a shield covered with rain and road grime, on both sides, creates a visually uncomfortable and dangerous situation. After many hours of research and prototyping, it was found that the laminar flow offered by a split-shield design creates much higher air lift and a more comfortable ride than a single piece windshield. The air flowing up between the base unit and top shield is substantial. That focused airflow forces air high over the riders head, allowing the rider to see further over the top without getting a blast of wind in their face. Most water is not carried up with that flow to be dumped on your face-shield or in your lap. In fact, the flow is so substantial, that most light rain, bugs and debris are carried over your head with the lifted air created by the Windbender's laminar flow.

Rain Riding: We like to size our shields so they can be lowered enough to let a light breeze clear our face-shields when riding in those conditions. Not having to stand up or lean off to the side to clear our face-shields reduces rider fatigue and increases comfort. Keeping our face-shields waxed with a good paste wax enables water to bead-up and run off with that light breeze. Keep this in mind when sizing your shield. You will need to have the HP or HPS about 6" below your line-of-sight and any of the ST shields will need to be about 4" below your line-of-sight for this to be effective.

If you've ever wished you could scrub the bugs off your shield with a gas station-squeegee without scaring your shield, Hard Coating is now available. Read More

acrylic shades

We currently manufacture windshields for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing, Honda F6B, and the Honda GL1500 Goldwing. Our GL1800 and F6B 15" HP (High Performance) shields are available in clear or light bronze; and our GL1800 and F6B 11" HP-S (High Performance Sport) is available in clear, bronze or dark smoke tints. Our ST (Straight Top) shields for the GL1800 and F6B have been improved for higher air lift over the rider and are available in four sizes in clear or bronze. HP/HPS shields for the GL1500 are available in clear or bronze (a limited quantity of GL1500 HPS shields are available in dark smoke). Our GL1500 ST is available only in clear.

Windbender Honda GL1800 Windshield Base Unit Colors

Windbender Base Units for the GL1800 are shipped in dark smoke by default to hide the dash in lieu of the decal on the stock shield, but we now offer base units in clear or bronze for the GL1800, at the same price, if you wish to match your top shield.

Hard Coating Available for All Shields

Hard Coating is now available for our Windshield or yours. Read More

Windbender F6B Windshield Base Unit

Windbender Base Units for the F6B are only available in dark smoke to accent it's sleek look.

Molded Rails and Sping Loaded Pins Standard

Windbenders allow an unprecedented amount of vertical adjustment. Windbenders offer 4" of vertical adjustment, manually or electrically, while retaining your motorcycle's stock adjustment. Additionally there are slots in all top shields that offer an additional inch of adjustment. You will always be able to find the "sweet-spot" with a Windbender!

Standard Manual Adjustment is accomplished with a spring-loaded locating pin in each rail - simply pull out on pins, turn them about 90°s to hold them released. Set your top shield about where you want it then turn the pins until they reengage with a click. and put the pins back in. If you missed the pin divots simply slide the top shield until the pins click into place.

New Spring Loaded Locating Pin

After an intense development process our new fiber-reinforced rails are standard issue on all Windbenders. They assure a consistent fit for swapping shields and provide a rattle-free installation. Molded rails and spring pins are also available to retrofit older Windbenders.

ATTEMPING TO MOVE YOUR TOP SHIELD WHILE RIDING IS NOT RECOMMENDED! Even though you may be able to do it with the spring loaded pin sets, the top shield could slip out of your hands and you might lose control of your motorcycle or do damage to another vehicle. If you want to move your shield while underway, order the electric option! and move your shield with the touch of a switch.

Handlebar Switch and Housing

Our new, easy to install, Electric Adjust Option for the Honda F6B, GL1800 and GL1500 is ready to ship!

Our New Electric Adjust Option is available for all Windbender windshields. It can be added to a Windbender at any time. See it Here.

Want an even smoother ride at high speeds?

Rake Kit Installed

Windbender Rake Kit is an option that can be added at any time. Simply remove your Top Shield and install the Rake Kit. Fits Honda GL1800, F6B, GL1500, (and Fork Mounted Windbenders when available).

After extensive research, we have solved the minor "rough road" feeling of the HP and HPS experienced by some riders at speed!

Although most people are very happy with the excellent vision and smooth air offered by either the HP or HPS, some have found a bit of a "rough-road" feeling in their helmets at speeds above about 80 mph. We have been experimenting with various options and have come upon a solution! We have found that when standing the Windbender HP/HPS Top Shield up straighter on the GL1800 air flow gets very, very smooth; almost calm. The ride is like sitting on a park bench with a breeze blowing! Some say to watch your speedometer because it's hard to tell how fast you are traveling with the Rake Kit installed. Our experience shows that this option even helps with "dirty air" buffeting created by other traffic when the shield is raised to one or two inches below your line-of-sight - "An extreme reduction in head bobbling". This hardware option allows for such a vast amount of adjustment that everyone should be able to find improvement if desired. To see one way to modify this set-up to get the top shield low enough to let wind clear rain from your face-shield or get a breeze in your face, Click Here.

We now have in stock, a modified Rake Kit for use with the electric option that will allow you to lower your top shield with fewer modifications ("Rake Kit Low"). The new Rake Kit provides 10mm more space between the shields to allow clearance for the actuator when the top shield is slid down on the brackets. You may still want to radius the bottom of the top shield to match the contour of your windshield garnish.

Adjustable Windbender Windshields are coming soon to the Harley Davidson Electra Glide, the BMW GS series!

Our manual and electrically adjustable Windbenders will soon be available for fork mounted windshields!

Individual Windbender components are available for additional shields, replacements, spares and custom applications.

Our Exchange/Return Policy is second to none: Don't like the Top Shield version you first bought? Send it back; pay only a $50.00 restocking fee and we'll send you a larger shield for the difference in price. If your shield is too large: send it back, pay only a $50.00 restocking fee and we'll deduct the difference in price on your replacement. All Top Shield returns must be made in "AS NEW" condition or a $50 cleaning/polishing fee will apply. No refunds will be given for shields damaged beyond repair.

Trial Program: We are so sure you'll like your Windbender that we'll let you buy one, put it on your bike and take it for a few test rides to find your personal sweet spot. If you absolutely do not like it and want to return the whole kit, we only ask that you send it back to us as clean as we sent it to you. A full refund, less a $25.00 restocking fee plus any required cleaning or polishing charges, will be credited to your card. FEES: There will be a $50 polishing fee for to refresh the Base Unit of all returned Windbender kits. We don't expect the Base Shield to be perfect - it never will be after installation. If you send your kit back with a dirty or scratched Top Shield there will be an additional $50 fee to polish the Top Shield. No refunds will be given for shields damaged beyond repair.

There is no reason to settle for second best. Don't push the wind when you can bend it! Windbender, high performance windshields by Firecreek.

To see what makes a Windbender unique and to see why the split airflow design works . . . Watch our Video.

We offer two windshield designs in two or more sizes. To see which shield is right for you read Here.

WARNING Firecreek Accessories advocates the use of proper eye protection. Even though it's entirely possible to experience calm conditions looking over the top of the Windbender windshield, as with all windshields, heavy objects like gravel or hard shell bugs can penetrate the wind layer and cause eye injury.

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