Windbender Adjustable Motorcycle Windshield on Orange Goldwing
Windbender Adjustable Motorcycle Windshields

Riding a Motorcycle with a Windbender is like

Riding with an Invisible Windshield!

Windbender windshields offer unsurpassed wind protection, unobstructed visibility, wide adjustment range, and "no-tools" interchangeability. When your windshield is out of the way, you can concentrate on the pleasures of riding.

High-pressure air forced up the gap between the Windbender base and top shield hugs the back of the top shield until it blends with air from the front of the shield. There it creates a high-speed laminar flow that forcefully carries air over your head along with most light rain, bugs, and debris. You and your passenger sit comfortably in a pocket of calm air.

See how air flows. Watch the Video

Ride Safer, Arrive Refreshed!

Rider and Passenger on Goldwing with Windbender

A typical motor­cycle wind­shield config­uration, by nature, creates a low pressure area directly behind the windshield. NASCAR drivers use low pressure air to their advantage when drafting. However, for us it causes noise and buffeting. Air flowing around a motorcycle windshield collapses into the low pressure pocket very shortly after it passes the edges of the windshield. What we feel as buffeting is the collapsing and recreating of that low pressure pocket. You have likely felt the effect when you rolled the window down in your car or truck. This might lead a rider to a larger windshield that can obstruct visibility in difficult riding conditions.

A Two Piece Windshield is Better!

The two-piece design of a Windbender allows for a large pocket of calm air with a much shorter windshield. Air flowing up the back of the Windbender top-shield consistently fills and stabilizes the low-pressure area where you sit. When the pocket is stabilized, air flowing over the windshield holds its profile longer and higher. You’ll enjoy greater visibility, ride more comfortably and arrive less fatigued!

Windbender top shields are available in two Styles

Smooth Adjustable Comfort . . . Guaranteed!

Windbenders excel, increasing the comfort and safety of your ride. To prove it we’ll let you to take a Test-Ride